Mural Project FAQs

The following are questions that emerged from the Artist Information Session on March 29.
View a recording of the info session here.

Q: Is the silicate coating ready to paint or will it need an additional primer coat? What is the exact product that was used?

A: Information Pending

Q: Should the side panels and the back of the shell be included in the design proposals as well, not just the bandshell itself? 

A:  The primary focus of the project is the interior of the shell, but we would be happy to entertain proposals that also incorporate the side panels and/or the back of the shell.  Please note that DCR requires that their logo be incorporated somewhere on the front of the shell, so if your design incorporates the side panels you will want to allow for that.

Q: Is the artist responsible for sourcing and paying for the lift?

A: Yes, the artist will be responsible for arranging for and paying for a lift.  This will come from the artist’s stipend. 

Q: Will organizers pay for fencing off the area?

A: CACHE will arrange for 6-foot fencing to be installed around the project area.

Q: Are there certain times when artists can or can not paint?

A: There is no lighting, so this may limit times when artists can paint. However there is access to electrical hookups if artists wanted to set up their own lighting for painting at night. No work will be permitted after 10:30 p.m.

Q: Is there any storage on the site for materials? 

A: If needed, we can coordinate access with the City to provide a limited area for storage of materials inside the storage area in the Condon Shell.  This area is shared with other organizations, so all materials must be kept in the area designated for the artist’s use, and must not interfere with access to other equipment and materials stored in the shell.  

Q: Is there access to water?

A: There is a spigot located on the side of the shell close to the ground.

Q: How will we be expected to dispose of water from washing brushes?

A: Information pending

Q: Is there access to bathrooms?

A: There will be a portable toilet on site for your use.

Q: What is needed for insurance? 

A: General liability coverage of at least $1 million is required, naming CACHE in Medford, Inc., the City of Medford, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as additional insureds. If you don’t already have insurance for your practice, third party sites may be used, such as Next - or Thimble You can request free quotes and quickly find out estimated costs for insurance. Thimble does not cover projects higher than 30’ and our shell is 27.5’ high!

Q: How is the budget paid out? Is there some getting paid up front so the artist can get the lift / materials /insurance?

A: The artist will be paid 1/3 up front, 1/3 halfway through the project, and 1/3 at the project's completion.

Q: What is defined as a collaborative group? Is it possible to involve students as participants to paint?

A: A collaborative group is any number of artists working together. It is possible to involve students. 

Q: Are you prioritizing any groups? Local artists, Medford-based, etc.?

A: Our #1 priority is finding a skilled and experienced muralist who will meet the criteria of the RFP.  We would love to see the final artist be from Medford or nearby, but that will not be a driving force in decision-making.

Q: What parking is provided?

A: The Condon Shell Park has its own parking lot that is available to the public.  If you expect to have multiple vehicles on site, CACHE can ask the City of Medford if they would be willing to block off parking spaces in the lot for your use.  Please note that the Medford Farmers Market operates at the Condon Shell Park on Thursdays from 3-7 pm, and parking will be limited during those hours.

Q: Can artists drive up to the site to drop off and bring home materials?

A: The artist may be permitted to drive their vehicle onto the grass next to the Condon Shell structure, provided that care is taken to avoid damaging the grass (including not driving onto the grass after a heavy rain).  The Medford Farmers Market operates at the Condon Shell Park on Thursdays, and that will limit your ability to drive up next to the Condon Shell during market hours.

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